About Thomas

Thomas Alexander Kolbe
Thomas Alexander Kolbe

Thomas Alexander Kolbe (or short: Tom Kolbe) was born on March 25, 1967 in Potsdam, Germany. He uses to live in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya) and in Germany (Berlin).

Kolbe is a music composer, keyboardist, music producer and former artist manager. Kolbe is also working as a sync music composer (music for TV, film, advertisements, trailers, video games etc.).

Thomas Alexander Kolbe owns the music label, music publisher and management company TMM Stardust, successor of the 2006 founded TMM plus four independent music labels.

Since 1998 Kolbe releases music with Topazz, with his own name or with various projects in different genres from pop to electronic music. His musical thinking and work is characterized by non-existent limits. Kolbe enjoys casual individualism both in his outward appearance and in his tracks. An intense and comfortable life in modern society with dance, music, joy and progressive thinking is Kolbe’s basic character trait.

Successful casts and projects

Topazz (since 1998), Davide Sakure, Thomas Alexander Kolbe.


2004 – 2016 radio dj and radio host in Germany (RMNradio, KingFM)


  • water sports (sailing, canoeing, yachting)
  • hiking
  • chess
  • japanese arts

And now … the problematic things

Kolbe suffers from several diagnosed disorders. Epilepsy, polyneuropathy, chronic insomnia, RLS, somatic symptom disorder, depression (partly as a result of the aforementioned diseases). Every single disorder as well as the combination of these disorders limits Kolbe to a considerable extent. Please take this into account, as this explains many things. Many thanks.