About Thomas

Thomas Alexander Kolbe, or short Tom Kolbe, is a keyboardist, pianist, generally a keyboard instrumentalist, composer and music producer who was born on March 25, 1967 in Potsdam, Germany. Kolbe’s solo works can be assigned to ambient music and dark ambient music. Apart from solo activities, Kolbe is a member and producer of the dance and house act Topazz. Kolbe also composes, arranges and produces music for television programs, games and film scores (sync music). He lives near Nagoya, Japan and in Berlin, Germany.

Thomas Alexander Kolbe
Thomas Alexander Kolbe

Kolbe acquired skills on the accordion and piano from his father. However, at the age of 14 he first got to the DJ booth. He loved playing as a DJ at school parties and later also at public events and thus also earning his first own money. Nevertheless, he also took care of expanding his skills on keyboard instruments.

Kolbe has been writing and producing music since 1990, since 1998 associated with significant income. But Kolbe “works” differently when it comes to composing. Again and again Kolbe speaks of the fact that he has difficulties explaining his music, because it only originates in his head. Kolbe says: “I find it easy to make music. I have a lot of ideas every day and there are numerous musical sketches, recordings, sheet music in my drawers. Of course there are also some unsuitable musical ideas, but basically … well … I have no idea why this is so. And I worship others who can write down their ideas in literary form. I also like paintings, drawings, anime … I admire a whole range of such works, but I couldn’t do that. I especially like artists who push limits.”

Thomas Alexander Kolbe also works without limits. He likes to use atmos and noises in his productions. Kolbe cares about the emotions and the images in the head that can be created with music.

Some personal things

Kolbe likes dystopian and detective novels, also as audio books, the Evangelion and Monogatari Anime/Manga series.

Tom’s musical taste changes from time to time, but his predilection for metal and electronic music, electronic dance music and ambient music has existed for many decades. He also listens to some japanese idols. If you don’t mind, follow Tom’s private profile on Spotify.