In DYSTOPIA (SECOND EPISODE), Thomas Alexander Kolbe takes us musically into the phase between normality and dystopia.

In HALF ASLEEP (DYSTOPIA, Pt. 3), Kolbe digs deep into the box of film soundtrack-like music. The track describes a state in which we as possible protagonists can no longer differentiate between normality and dystopia.

PIANO IN THE DARK is elegiac and we are carried away into the underworld of thoughts by the mightiness of the cinematographic sounds and arrangement of this track.

YORU NO CHIKARA (Japanese for: The Power of the Night) is described by Thomas Alexander Kolbe as his musical perception of the beauty of the moon, which, despite the hardship of human existence, lays its silver sheen on everything dead and living.


  • Label: UniStar Music
  • Release date: December 17, 2021, worldwide
  • Genre: dark ambient
  • UPC: 4061707769269


  1. Half Asleep (Dystopia Pt. 3) 8:56
  2. Piano in the Dark (Dystopia Pt. 4) 9:58
  3. Yoru No Chikara (夜の力) (Dystopia Pt. 5) 9:21
DYSTOPIA (Episode 1)