Thomas Alexander Kolbe will publish well-known and new pieces of music as part of his music cycle DYSTOPIA.

Now the first episode of DYSTOPIA appears with the previously unknown short INTRO (Dystopia Pt. 1) and SYNTHESIZED BRAIN (Dystopia Pt. 2).

SYNTHESIZED BRAIN is also one of several tracks that are being re-released via a new digital distribution partner. The end of the re-released version differs slightly from the previously published version.

Thomas Alexander Kolbe, mainly known as a cast member and producer of Topazz, realizes more unusual music under his own name, which can sometimes deviate from typical song structures. It is also possible that Kolbe uses noises and piano parts, in addition to the synthesizers that are otherwise so typical for Kolbe.


  • Label: UniStar Music (sublabel of TMM Stardust)
  • Release date: November, 2021, worldwide
  • Genre: dark ambient
  • UPC: 4061707759932


  1. Intro (Dystopia Pt. 1) 1:03
  2. Synthesized Brain (Dystopia Pt. 2) 8:46
DYSTOPIA (Episode 1)
DYSTOPIA (Episode 1)