“Takeover” House EP by Topazz produced by Tom Kolbe

The upcoming House EP “Takeover” marks a change in Tom’s production portfolio. Kolbe’s house gem Topazz is coming back to the dancefloors.

The “Takeover” EP is the first uncompromising Topazz house-attack in the 2020s. Expect super deep house and dope electro house in a high level production.

“The Unknown Element 119 (space edit)” comes down to the dancefloors as a super deep house track ready for the dancefloors and ready for remixers, but also a pleasure for people who just want to take off with a fat sound on their headphones.

“Yurai” is classy electro house and an ode to a poem by a Japanese girl. An electro house track in honor of a poem? You will see that the track sounds absolutely awesome and that the poem being performed is ingeniously integrated into the track. Absolute dance floor gold!

“Machine” is crystal clear electro house and with a rich bass designed to make the clubs shake. The machine starts, move your hips and legs!

"Takeover" EP by Topazz produced by Thomas Alexander Kolbe
“Takeover” EP by Topazz produced by Thomas Alexander Kolbe
  • Label: TMM Stardust
  • Genre: Dance
  • Secondary Genre: House
  • Main Artist: Topazz
  • Composition and Production: Thomas Alexander Kolbe
  • UPC: 4062994564940
  • Release Date: April 9, 2021
  • Distribution: worldwide


  1. The Unknown Element 119 (Space Edit) – 7:09 (ISRC: QZKDK2128895)
  2. Yurai – 7:16 (ISRC: QZKDK2168694)
  3. Machine – 8:26 (ISRC: QM42K2108071)