Announcement of retirement

Hi folks, this is Thomas with a very personal announcement. Based on several medical reports regarding my health, it was decided that I would be taking early retirement.

I will remain musically active but to a very limited extent.

The details: I have epilepsy, progressive polyneuropathy, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and diabetes. Unfortunately, some of these diseases have developed negatively in recent years, especially in the past two years. I was thinking about withdrawing a few months ago. Now, however, the time has come to decide to withdraw because of my health situation.

Music will become my hobby in the future. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the past. I also thank everyone who challenged me. Thanks also to everyone who worked for me. It was an honor for me to get to know you and to have lived and worked with you. All the best to you all!

I can continue to publish my hobby music, but of course at my own pace. Many thanks to TMM Stardust for this opportunity.

Best regards,

Thomas Alexander Kolbe