「TWILIGHT DEEPNESS」features Davide Sakure!

A new Backyard Productions deep house treasure will be released in November 2020. 「TWILIGHT DEEPNESS」contains 30 deep house tracks from 2020, including Davide Sakure’s “The Unknown Element 119 (Davide’s Longer Party Edit)”.

The title of the compilation might suggest it. Long winter evenings, the Christmas season is almost around the corner and in view of the current crisis situation, the mood of many people is at a relative low. At least cool house tracks could perhaps help to make the party abstinence a little more bearable.

Whether the tracks are cool or not is of course up to your opinion. But the makers of Backyard Productions, the label responsible for this compilation, have really tried hard to put together cool tracks for you.

The release of the compilation「TWILIGHT DEEPNESS」is expected on November 25, 2020, worldwide available for streaming and download. Maybe the soundtrack for your Christmas days? Give it a try.

UPC: 4061707467622


  1. Najwars – Symmetrical Framing (Quadriga Recordings)
  2. Stereo Palma feat. Craig David – Our Love (PS1 Remix) (Dancemania Recordings)
  3. Vykvet – Kaleidoscope (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
  4. Maxzim – Every (Toiled)
  5. Hype Nine – Trilling (Quadriga Recordings)
  6. Sky Edwards – Best of You (Extended Mix) (Bikini Sounds Rec.)
  7. Mr. Laz – NanoQ (Dash Deep Records)
  8. Simplex Sensus – Steezy (Quadriga Recordings)
  9. Grammelot – Diverging (Obazda)
  10. Chevro – Your Day (Chevrorecords)
  11. Riffle Shuffle – Indoor (Obazda)
  12. Ference – Changes (Frncn Music)
  13. Transitive Feelings – Deep Down (Quadriga Recordings)
  14. Ghedzo – Deeper Love (Deeper Soul Mix) (STOMP HOUSE RECORDS)
  15. IIKARUS – November Nights (Iconicaudioempire)
  16. Alec Smith – The Triad (3 WORDS)
  17. Fabrizio Monaco – The Visionaire (Space Shuttle Recordings)
  18. Adi Rambo – Alone (Beatbridge Records)
  19. Vantero – Deep Inside (Red Smoki)
  20. Tobias Köppel – Closing Doors (21st)
  21. Glenn Gonzalez – Offshore (Pixbae Records)
  22. Riss Yeno – Sprout (Mosaic Sound System)
  23. Dido Galvis & GALVIS – Levantate (Pixbae Records)
  24. Anthony Selvaggio & David Pinto – Congarama (Glenn Gonzalez Remix) (Pixbae Records)
  25. Reinoud Van Toledo – Groove Me (Pinball Magnetic Remix) (Kattivo Records)
  26. Mauro Ghess – Endless Road (Tuby Rubber Remix) (Kattivo Records)
  27. Into Lala – Dreams & Fears (Bunched Remix) (nysa mjuzika)
  28. Davide Sakure – The Unknown Element 119 (Davide’s Longer Party Edit) (Planet Apricot)
  29. Charlie Lovebear – Songs (Losing Control) (Enserio Records)
  30. T. Orlando – Self Motivator (NON GRATA)