「THE CITY IS ON FIRE」one of the 2020 “Energy Tracks” compiled by Alterna Sounds

The new compilation “Energy Tracks” of the label Alterna Sounds presents a number of selected outstanding 2020 electronic dance tracks made for the clubs.

Davide’s vocal electro house track THE CITY IS ON FIRE 2020 radio edit (vocals by Natalie Major) is one of them.

We didn’t notice much of club dance events this year. Basically there weren’t any. Nevertheless there were many brilliant dance tracks this year, some of which have now made it onto the ENERGY TRACKS compilation.

The digital label Alterna Sounds publishes several compilations every year with current danceable productions. The makers of the compilations always have the choice between hundreds of really good quality tracks. In this respect, Davide Sakure considers himself lucky to be part of the current selection.

Compilations always give listeners a good overview or a good impression of which current tracks are currently on the market that you should definitely listen to.

ENERGY TRACKS has been audible on all streaming services since September and can also be downloaded as a digital compilation.

UPC:  4061707909580