「Davide Sakure – Golddust 2020」Best of EP on TMM Stardust

It was a label decision to release Davide Sakure’s 5 most attended or in other words most listened tracks 2020 in a years end 5 track EP.

In view of the current release postponements of brand new tracks due to Davide’s currently unstable health condition, we want to offer the fans, with Davide’s consent of course, a special release of Davide’s 5 most successful tracks in 2020 at a reduced price, which can of course also be heard via the streaming services.

GOLDDUST 2020 contains the two electrohouse tracks YURAI and MASCHINE, the vocalhouse track THE CITY IS ON FIRE as well as the two deephouse tracks THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 and FREE.

Release day is November 20, label is TMM Stardust.

Update October 29, 2020: some dealers may accidentally list the release under the label of Planet Apricot which has been taken over by TMM Stardust.