SoundCloud Exclusive: THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119

Meanwhile people have some words for what Davide Sakure’s music is like: mysterious, catchy… That’s what we extracted from some mentions on Twitter and feedback on Instagram. Maybe Davide Sakure’s new SoundCloud exclusive release THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 broadens this view because there are a lot of summerly vibes into this deep house track.

Maybe the track is your soundtrack for your summer days? For a steaming hot dance floor? In any case, there are quite a number of people who deal with electronic dance music and who really like the track after a first listening impression.

Davide Sakure is now releasing THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 exclusively on Soundcloud on #newmusicfriday June 19, 2020.

When it drops: safe THE UNKNOWN ELEMENT 119 to your Spotify music library automatically.

And as of today, there’s an addition to Davide’s announcement on Twitter and Instagram: on July 24, 2020, Repost Network, the digital distributor of Soundcoud, will also offer this track for streaming and downloading on all major platforms.

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