Davide Sakure drops「FREE」in July

#newmusicfriday – Davide Sakure’s deep house track FREE will be pre-released on July 3, 2020 on Davide’s Soundcloud.

It’s Davide’s second track in a row, exclusively pre-released and delivered to all major platforms and shops by Soundcloud / Repost by Soundcloud.

Davide Sakure says: “I just wanted to make a song that makes us all dream and dance, that makes us forget the current shit around. Sun, party, drinks, dancing, vacation … I went out sailing yesterday, and my friends also played FREE over the on-board system. Sexy. I hope many people will like the track. I’m pretty happy with it. I also think that if we want to regain strength for the important struggles of our time, for our work, etc., we also need short breaks in which we can recharge our battery. I hope FREE can help regain strength.”

Add FREE to your library when it drops.

Davide Sakure’s FREE is available on Davide’s Soundcloud from July 3, 2020 and from July 31, 2020 everywhere. Exclusive label and distributor is Repost by Soundcloud.

Update July 17, 2020: FREE will also be released as multi-track maxi single on August 21, 2020.